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       Cocca's Pizza has been family owned and operated for 33 years.  Since 1982, eight different locations have been acquired and sustained.  As the business continues to expand, the Cocca family is eager to find franchisees as hardworking, passionate, and dedicated as they are.  The members of the Cocca family know fist-hand what it takes to run a successful pizza shop, and for that reason they are ready to work with you side-by-side to guide you in a successful operation.

       In 1982, Nicholas and Tina Cocca opened the first Cocca's pizza located in Boardman, OH.  Always believing that family came first, the Cocca's had no issue finding their target consumers: families.  Since the fall out of the economy, it became evident that feeding a family at an affordable price was posing a challenge.  Nick and Tina predicted right.  Pizza sales skyrocketed because of the many option, great taste, and affordability.  It is no surprise that the pizza industry in the U.S continues to grow at 70,000 pizzerias.

       The Cocca business has been passed on to the second generation under the authority of Steve Cocca, Nick and Tina's youngest son.  With 350 slices of pizza being eaten every second, Steve believes it all comes down to Quality, Service, and Cleanliness.  All eight current locations are run off "QSC" and for that reason they have grown to be very successful.  Each store must meet the strict quality standards set in place.

       The Cocca's have developed a pizza recipe that is not only delicious, but also nutritious.  The endless combinations offered provide the opportunity for costumers to consume all 5 food groups in a single slice - yet another reason for families, the target consumers, to choose pizza!  Cocca's Pizza is one that is loved by the communities around them.  To show the support and appreciation from the communities, Cocca's has been the recipient of many awards:

       The Cocca family strives on location and promotion.  Finding the ideal location is a major factor in opening a Cocca's Franchise.  This process is one in which the Cocca family will closely work with you to develop a plan.  Community presence is high on the list of must haves, which is why achieving a strong marketing network is valuable.  The Cocca's have built many connections and established a variety of relationships along the way.  In return, they are willing to serve as a support team in finding the best location possible, making a mark on the community, and promoting the business.  

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